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S.T.A.C.(K) Training Packages

PREMIER PACKAGE ($120/month): access to unlimited S.T.A.C.(K) group training – Sign Up!

PREMIER LITE PACKAGE ($95/month): access to S.T.A.C.(K) group training for 2 classes per week – Sign Up!

CONDITIONING PACKAGE ($50/month + per session rates): access to The League for personal training – Sign Up!

$20 Guest Pass

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Nutrition Services

20/20 Nutrition Coaching
Book a 20-minute phone consultation with Terry to discuss nutritional goal setting and plan your meal prep strategy. Cost: $20. Schedule an in-person session for $35. Sign up here!

Guided Grocery Tour
Book a 30-minute guided grocery store visit with Terry to discuss best practices when it comes to preparing for your new clean eating lifestyle. Cost: $60. Sign up here!