Nutrition Coaching

We don’t buy into fad diets or going overboard with supplements, but we do believe that there is a simple solution for everyone when it comes to nutrition.

We all have the ability to determine what food items to eliminate, revise our shopping lists, prioritize quality nutrients and eat clean (and actually SAVE money while doing so, despite the common misconception). Need help? Check out the nutrition services we offer below!

Eating clean doesn’t have to mean eating boring! Purchase our Clean Creole Cookin’ e-book here for tasty recipes that are good for your body!

Our basic nutritional philosophy is that your body needs the following:
— Lean, unprocessed protein
— Complex carbohydrates in the form of fresh vegetables and whole grains
— Simple carbohydrates, in the form of fresh fruit (in moderation)
— Healthy sources of fat, which help to eliminate the “bad fats” in your body

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20/20 Nutrition Coaching
Book a 20-minute phone consultation with Terry to discuss nutritional goal setting and plan your meal prep strategy. Cost: $20. Schedule an in-person session for $35. Sign up here!

Guided Grocery Tour
Book a 30-minute guided grocery store visit with Terry to discuss best practices when it comes to preparing for your new clean eating lifestyle. Cost: $60. Sign up here!